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Since Jaclyn rang us to enquiry our service for their church wedding in London last year, we didn't believe it's true even they told us they were going to fly us over London. This doubt end while they made the deposit. And that's a dream come true! Nothing more excited than this news since we started 10 years ago.Finally, 2 of us were in London 2 weeks ago, carried more than 30kg luggage and equipment and walk through the city. The buildings, the people and the weather were too wonderful that never give our cameras a rest!! (means we had no time to rest as well too :P haha)I remember that's windy day during the pre-wedding video shoot, our shaky hands were too cold to hold our equipment tight, even stop shooting at London eye to warm up ourselves with cups of or tea (Can't recall the taste? but that's something warm. Thanks Vincent! ha)Anyway, that's just a trailer for this special experience! Stay tuned for the final video! Please enjoy!

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