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We have to specially introduce this video to you as it is our very first wedding video that filmed by using Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras. It's considered the highest image quality for video nowadays, It's not only very challenging during the shoot with lighting set up but also very hard in post production because of the huge storage are required & heavy editing workflow.We are glad that we have finally made this video after spending months to explore and experience the whole workflow! You know what, we are so happy with the result!!*Cinema DNG Raw, it was created to store image data in a generic, highly-compatible format for the real film production in making movie.



Film Director : Yiewin Kang

DOP : Yiewin Kang & Irvine Kwang

Project Manager : Eunice Ee

Software for Editing & Color Grading : Adobe Premiere & Adobe After Effect

Emcee : Jocelyn Lim




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