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When Jason & Lynn told us they don't need us to rush the Same Day Edit video for their wedding dinner as they wish we could focus on capturing their precious moments during their big day, tell you what they really put us at ease. We spend more time for their outdoor shooting and well prepare for their wedding reception set up. It turns out well! Thank you very much!Beside that, Jason & Lynn give us a new challenge during their reception! They want us to do Super Slow Motion Video Booth for them!Regular photo booths are a thing of the past and Slow Motion Video booths are where events are headed nowadays. It's touched challenge for us as we need a camcorder which can record the video at 240 frames per second, which can turn out a very smooth slow motion. Of cause, we get it done well! We also include some of the slow motion footages into their highlight! Check it out! ^^



Film Director : Yiewin Kang

Pro Editor : Joey Lee

Location : Singapore



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