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Cast Away at Kundasang

Cast Away

Pre-Wedding Photography


Wedding photo and video can give people a fresh feel?

Cast Away will bring you out from the typical indoor shooting!

Exactly what does Cast Away have that is so special and what fresh feel does it carry?

In your dream wedding photo and video, in hopes of having your own experience in New Zealand with the green grass and fresh air!

Actually to visit New Zealand's green grass not necessarily need to go New Zealand!

Malaysia also has a mini New Zealand! We will bring you to Sabah's Desa Dairy Farm, Desa Dairy Farm has the mini New Zealand.

Not only that, the weather there is also cooling and also very refreshing.

So we will be at Desa Dairy Farm and at the highland shooting for Cast Away wedding photo and video.


Cast Away将会带你脱离一般的室内拍摄!

到底Cast Away有什么特别又多有小清新的感觉呢?




我们将带你到沙巴的Desa Dairy Farm,Desa Dairy Farm农场有小纽西兰之称。


所以我们会在充满清新空气的Desa Dairy Farm和位于在高山的地点为你拍摄Cast Away 婚纱照和影片。


It's a shoot that will bring you closer to the breath taking scenery of Sabah in Kundasang, feeling at peace with your love ones, and make it worth the time and effort for the Cast Away. Having a love one is very special to every couple, and to be able to spend that time with them in this wonderful Pre-wedding photography and have stunning photos in the end will not make you regret it even the slightest.

这一个拍摄景点不仅会带你更加靠近沙巴Kundasang的风景,而且让你和你的爱人感受前所未有的清新及和平、并也为这趟Cast Away的时光觉得非常值得。能够拥有这样的时光和自己的爱人在这些充满憧憬的景点拍摄婚纱照对每对新人来说是非常特别的经历,而且能够拍出令人惊叹的照片、这绝对不会让你有丝毫的后悔。


Photos that captures the perfect and most beautiful side of being a couple.

Stay tuned for the video!!

Coming Soon !!!

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